Medically, an Ophthalmologist is a medical practitioner trained in diagnosing as well as treating eye infections, eye diseases, and eye conditions. In addition, he or she is the correct person to determine the kind of eye examinations a patient must undergo. Such decisions are very essential in maintaining eye health of a patient. In Australia, the best Ophthalmologists are found at Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital.

The main duty of Ophthalmologists is to attend to individual patients who have been sent to them by either the patients’ family doctors or given optometrists. It is the duty of Ophthalmologists to treat all vision complications/ carrying out sophisticated eye surgeries and formulation of conclusive prescriptions indicating all the necessary medications and/ or corrective eyeglass lenses that a patient must have in order to recover or manage his or her eye sight problem.

In Australia, one can locate a good Ophthalmologist at Sydney Eye Hospital. Nevertheless, most of the well-known Ophthalmologists are also located in private identities of their own while others are busy carrying out comprehensive research on most of the disturbing eye complications. As far as eye surgeries are concerned, Ophthalmologists have a complete approval by the medical department to execute all the sophisticated eye surgeries; such as a corneal transplant.

In order for one to become an Ophthalmologist, he or she must undergo a maximum of four years in college; followed by another for years in a medical training school/ institution; accompanied by at least one year internship; incorporated with at least three years residency in a well-known eye hospital such as the Sydney Eye Hospital. On completion of the major residence program, an individual must pass the required examination in order to be certified as an Ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologists become more successful with time. In the beginning they will serve in specialized eye hospitals with the aim of gaining experience and popularity. While carrying out their daily chores, most of the Ophthalmologists carry out conclusive research on a number of eye complications and solutions; including diagnosis, treatment and surgeries. Ophthalmologists are the first medical practitioners to detect the presence of serious health issues in the body by early detection of eye problems.