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Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is proud to support Contact Trace, a digital artwork, free to the public,
19-23 May 2021, from twilight to 11pm.

Sydney medical care has grown significantly in the recent past. The city is defined by its recognizable technological developments. These developments have been witnessed in the medical sector. The Australian government has ensured that the city’s potential has been widely utilized.

Any Hospital in Sydney will offer you the best services. Such a hospital can be a general medical hospital or a specialized hospital such as the Sydney Eye hospital. The individual hospitals are recognized nationally as well as internationally. Most of the advancements that have been made in most of the Sydney hospitals have been possible due to the help of the Australian government.

Hospitals in Sydney are defined by the following attributes. Firstly, most hospitals in Sydney are strategically located. For instance, the location of Sydney Eye Hospital is convenient to all residence of Sydney. Thus, most people in Sydney will find it easier to consult eye specialists whenever their eyes present any difficulties. Secondly, hospitals in Sydney are well furnished with the necessary medical equipment. This is mainly attributed to the efforts of the public and the government; the public efforts are conveyed through contributions and donations while the government efforts are conveyed through the provision of modern facilities and highly qualified medical practitioners.

Thirdly, hospitals in Sydney are based on new developments. Such developments are made possible by the various findings that medical practitioners come up with every time they come across individual special cases. For instance, eye specialists at Sydney Eye hospital have emerged with new mechanisms on how to treat the various eye problems they encounter at the hospital. Lastly, each Hospital in Sydney has been contributing greatly towards the production of new medical practitioners in the various fields of medicine. For instance, Sydney Eye hospital has a running educational facility that is aimed at training eye specialists.

Australia is known to have the best eye hospitals. One of the most outstanding eye hospital Sydney is the Sydney Eye Hospital. This hospital has a very unique background. Ideally, the pioneers of Sydney eye hospital had a big dream in mind, and through hard work and dedication, they managed to achieve the dream.

Recently, the hospital has recorded the most successful eye treatment procedures and complex surgeries. In essence, Sydney eye hospital’s success has been evident. The success is seen through the development of the University of Sydney; where undergraduates and post graduates undertake training program for Australian Ophthalmologists.

The only true eye hospital Sydney that has over the years managed to reach the peak of its dreams is Sydney Eye Hospital. This hospital has undergone a number of transitions, moving from one locality to the next and from one stage of development to the next. However, in 1995 Sydney Eye Hospital’s most successful establishment was realised with the help of Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

The hospital was relocated on a broad brand clinical services house. The relocation of the Sydney Eye Hospital within the premises of Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation gave rise to a strong union of the two hospitals. The union is currently known as the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital. The union has effectively benefited Sydney Eye Hospital immensely, in that so many research projects tailored towards the prevention of blindness have been realised.

Sydney Eye Hospital is an icon eye hospital Sydney. Well, this is majorly attributed to its principal objectives. The main principal objectives of the hospital are as follows: attracting endless support from donations, which are aimed at financing all vibrant amenities; updating all the important equipment of all the major sectors of the hospital; increasing the availability of all the specialised facilities; and expansion of the rehabilitation services for all patients with poor vision.

In summary, Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital has transformed into an outstanding figure as far as eye treatment and eye surgeries are concerned. The modern technology employed in the hospital has resulted into high quality service delivery.

If you are in pain, it is easy to think that you should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. But how do you know if it is necessary to visit an emergency department or not? The reason that emergency departments are there at all is to provide treatment to those condition that would become much more serious issues and problems if they aren’t treated as soon as possible.

The emergency department should not be treated as your regular doctor or medical option, but only in the situation is the name applies, in the case of an emergency. Patients are triaged in the emergency department by= the triage nurse, so if your symptoms aren’t particularly serious, you may actually be treated more efficiently with less waiting at your regular doctor’s office. All patients are seen at the hospital, regardless of their financial status and ability to pay. In addition, there is a non-discrimination policy in place for patients, meaning that your privacy will be respected and treatment will be provided to all patients.

This is regardless of culture, your religious beliefs, disabilities, or sexual orientation. If you are suffering from an emergency, it is important to get treatment as quickly as possible.

The Sydney Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital have an emergency department available to patients in need of emergency hospital treatment. This means that they need for treatment is urgent and serious and cannot wait for a visit to your normal doctor during traditional office hours. The hospital emergency department is located at 8 Macquarie St, Sydney and can be reached via telephone at 9382 7111. This emergency department is open to all patients over 16 and regardless of their financial need. The Emergency Department of the Sydney Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital is located within the South Eastern Sydney Health Service Area.

Like all emergency departments in Australia, your condition will be assessed upon arrival from a trained triage nurse. The more urgent the medical emergency, the quicker you will be seen. If you believe that your condition does not require emergency medical attention, it may make more sense for you to wait and see your doctor when they can see you, since you might have to wait until a doctor is free if you go to the emergency department without a true emergency. However, if it is truly an emergency, don’t delay, and get yourself to the emergency department closest to you as quickly as possible.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Brandon Christopher WarrenIf you are looking to see pictures of the Sydney Eye Hospital but are located geographically far away, it is as simple as using Google Images. Simply go to Google, type in Sydney Eye Hospital into the search bar, and click on image results, and close to two million results will come up for the search. Finding images of the hospital before a scheduled visit can be helpful when you are trying to navigate yourself to an unfamiliar location, or even calm fears about an upcoming medical procedure.

Images of both the facilities themselves come up in the Google image search for the Sydney Eye Hospital as well as for doctors that are at the hospital.

If you click on a picture, you are either able to see that picture on its own, or you can go to the original website where the picture was taken from. The search process functions just like any other search through Google works, so the more information you provide the more specific the information will end up being. Finding the Sydney Eye Hospital on Google Images can be a helpful way to prepare yourself before your first visit to the Hospital for any type of appointment.

The Eye Hospital Sydney conducts guided tours on the historical places of the Sydney Hospital during weekdays for approximately one hour every tour. Historical tours cost $10 per person, museum tours cost $6 person, and combine historical and museum tours cost $14 per person. Funds collected on these tours will be used to buy medical facilities for the use of the patients and for the maintenance of the museums.

Tourists will be able to learn the historical value and historical events of the Sydney Hospital, the pioneer hospital of Australia. In the historical tours, the tourists will be able to visit Macquarie Street building, the Nightingale Wing and the Clinical Services Building. The tourists will also be able to see the St. Luke Chapel, the Il Porcellino sculpture at the entrance of the hospital and The Robert Brough Memorial Fountain. The tour will begin at the magnificent Hospital Boardroom.

The museum tours, the tourist will be to walk back and experience the life in Sydney Hospital from the 18th century onwards through the historical artefacts and photographs displayed in the Nightingale Foundation Museum.

Booking a tour is much recommended to organize and plan well your visit in the Sydney Hospital. For more information about booking a tour, call the Sydney Hospital and arrange with them your desired time to tour.