Remembrance Day 11 November 1918

Poppy for remembrance day.

On this Remembrance Day we honour those staff on Active Service 1914-1919 from Senior Medical Officers, Residential Medical Staff, Nursing Staff and General Staff.

World War I placed a heavy strain on Sydney Hospital, clinical graduate enlisting with the armed forces and many donors unable to give their usual support.

Altogether, 149 staff enlisted, including senior medical officers, resident medical staff, nursing and general staff. Matron Rose Ann Creal, whose position had been confirmed in 1899, enlisted for war service in August 1916 to be appointed matron of the 14th Australian General Hospital at Abbassia, Egypt. She was awarded the Royal Red Cross (1st Class) in the New Year Honours of 1919, before returning to Australia in 1920. She resumed duty as matron of Sydney Hospital but died in August of the following year. The Rose Creal Medal, established in her honour, was the highest award made by Sydney Hospital to students of the Lucy Osburn School of Nursing.

Miss A Maud Kellett, Miss Creal’s assistant matron, was decorated whilst on active service (25th General Hospital at Boulogne, France), as were many of the Sydney Hospital nurses.

In 1917 an Honour Roll was placed at the main entrance foyer of the administration block containing names of members of the medical, nursing and general staff who volunteered for active service – a gift from the president of the hospital, Mr A E Jacques.

The above text is an excerpt from Australia’s First Hospital, written by Caroline Wilkinson.

Lest we forget.