Different beautiful places in Sydney Australia have awakened the city with many visitors coming for a scenic view and fascinating history of the place. Guided Historical Tours are offering one hour and a half tour during Mondays to Fridays, for just a few dollars for one place or another additional payment for another place of your choice. Income and profit of the tours will directly go to Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation for buying hospital equipment for the needs of Australian patients.

Guided Historical Tours will initiate the tour by groups. Each group will consists of twenty people and below. You can choose your tour either Museum or Historical Tour or you may prefer to have both Historical and Museum Tours. There are three historical features for viewing in your Historical tour. However, tour rates will be ranging depending on your choice per person.

Upon booking your tour, you will be given brochures as your guide and map so you can see the places you will go. Inquiries are open online or you can contact the Hospital information for tour inquiries. At the end of it, you can collect some souvenir items available at the gift shop.