Fellowship Program | Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital

Established in 1991, Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has contributed nearly $6.7 million to the Fellowship Program that brings fully qualified ophthalmologists from around the world to Sydney Eye Hospital. Fellows share their knowledge, passion and learn new skills from expert surgeons and clinicians as well as treat patients from diverse backgrounds that can have complex ocular, medical and social issues.

Fellowships are fully funded by Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation and will provide the successful applicants a wide range of experience in clinical and surgical management. The research component of this training allows applicants to become fully competent in their respective sub-speciality by the end of their Fellowship.

In turn, Fellows take their improved knowledge and expertise back to their home countries, improving the eye health of thousands.

Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation offers eight fellowships within a period of 12 months. We offer four fellowships that commence in January, at the start of the clinical year, as well as four that commence in July.

January – December (12 months)
July – June (12 months)

“I would like to thank Sydney Eye Foundation for their generous support of this clinical fellowship and the opportunity to gain such phenomenal experience in this one-year time span, working alongside a dynamic enthusiastic consultant team.”

– 2020 Honorary Glaucoma Fellow Dr Puspha Raman.