The Eye Hospital, Sydney is all about keeping people’s vision in tip top shape. The hospital is well known for providing the very best of research and advanced micro-surgical techniques in a personal and caring environment. Their experienced and highly regarded surgeons have performed thousands of procedures using only the most modern and advanced equipment. Many of these technological advancements in ophthalmology were developed at this state of the art facility and many Australians have come to hospital for their surgeries. Their health practitioners are experts in eye care and are sensitive to the stress that many patients may experience prior to undergoing eye surgery or treatment for a vision-threatening disease.

For those who are in need of eye surgery, there are some good things to know that will help you prepare for the event. Most major eye surgeries are performed as a day procedure. You should always try to arrive at the hospital a little bit early and then expect to stay approximately two to three hours. It is imperative that you make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from the hospital as you will not be in a condition to drive or even take public transport. It is also helpful to have that person wait for you at the hospital in case the surgeon needs to speak to him or her after the procedure.

There will also be a number of other instructions that will be given to you by your eye doctor that will need to be followed leading up to the day of your surgery. It is imperative that you follow the directions you receive exactly to ensure that the doctor can proceed with your surgery on the scheduled date.

With such a comprehensive program for surgical procedures along with a caring team of health professionals will make your day surgery at the Eye Hospital, Sydney an exceptional one. The friendly staff will help to facilitate your journey by greeting you at the door and helping to preparing you for a surgery with their highly trained surgeons. The philosophy of care is one that is focused on providing specialised treatment all within a setting that is pleasant and positive for everyone involved.