BindiMAPS at Sydney Eye Hospital

Eye Foundation helps show the way

Hospitals can be difficult to navigate at the best of times, but throw in a pandemic, being ill or visually impaired and it is hardly surprising people feel daunted when they come for treatment or just visit.

That’s why Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce it is funding a new wayfinding solution through BindiMaps, an indoor audio- based navigation app which uses common sense language to guide patients and visitors within the hospital.

At Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital all three floors of the main Clinical Services Building and outlying buildings have been mapped including the Emergency Department, Eye and Hand Clinics, surgical wards, COVID-19 testing clinic, Pharmacy and other services onsite including Breast Screen NSW and Pathology Collection Centre.

“Patients and their guests can visit Australia’s first hospital on Macquarie Street Sydney with directions for all our main patient destinations right on their smartphone,” said Jennie Barry, General Manager, Prince of Wales and Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital.

“We are thrilled to offer BindiMaps to complement our signage and to improve way finding for all patients and visitors to Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital.”

“Like most hospitals Sydney / Sydney Eye consists of a number of buildings with no one reception area. We are grateful to the Foundation for supporting this initiative enabling patients and guests to find their destination more readily.”

BindiMaps uses an audio system to describe where users are, what’s around them and the best way to get to their chosen destination.

“Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is proud to help patients and visitors making the unfamiliar easier to navigate,”

Linda Fagan, Chief Executive Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, said.

“This way-finding technology provides assistance to patients and guests and especially supports people with vision impairment when inside our hospital buildings.”


Download BindiMaps today on Apple App Store or Google Play.

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