An eye doctor is a professional health care who provides eye or vision services. Eye problems differ and also eye doctors are different depending on the type of eye problem an individual has. The various type of eye doctors include: an ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician. These doctors are qualified depending on the three classes; they have either graduated in post-secondary training or in doctoral level. Eye doctors in Sydney offer specialized treatment and diagnosis that help in curing all major eye conditions.
Ophthalmologist are either medicine doctors or osteopathy doctors, they are eye doctors who specialize in the following; medical eye care, surgical eye care, prevention of eye diseases or injury and visual problems caused by conditions like diabetes.

Services offered by ophthalmologists include: vision services such as eye exams; medical eye care for diseases such as; glaucoma, iritis, chemical burns; surgical eye care for things like trauma, crossed eyes or cataracts; prevention of eye diseases; plastic surgery for skin tumours around the eye and treatment of eye conditions that are related to diseases like diabetes, arthritis or brain conditions.
Optometrist is an optometry eye doctor; they are graduates of a pre-professional undergraduate education.

They are only trained to examine the internal or external eye to diagnose eye diseases like glaucoma and to treat vision conditions like astigmatism. They do not perform special procedures like surgery and the management of certain eye diseases. The services offered by optometrists include: vision services like treatment of eye conditions like amblyopia; diagnosis of eye conditions like glaucoma or conjunctivitis; prevention of eye injuries, prescribing glasses or contact lenses and medications for various eye conditions.

An optician is an eye doctor who works together with both ophthalmologists and optometrists by assisting in the provision of patient care during examination and surgery. Opticians have graduated either in technical degree, diploma or certificate. They offer services such as: evaluation of lens prescriptions written by either an ophthalmologists or optometrists; repairing or replacing eyeglass frames or contact lenses; taking facial measurements; decision making on which lens or frame to give a patient and checking eye products like eye glass or contact lenses.