ANZAC Day Poppies

“There was Brechead Meade (a schoolboy of 14) who died a man’s death on the parapet of the German officers’ trench. There was McCarthy, “gun” shearer of Queensland, crack shot of the battalion- sniped while cleaning his beloved rifle. Last, I think of Fred Hawke, father of a family, a decent fellow quite out of place in war, yet if ever a man earned a VC Fred did.”
These words by her grandfather will no doubt occupy the thoughts of nurse manager Ann Hodge at the Remembrance Day observance on Friday in the poppy- strewn across from the historic Nightingale Wing in the courtyard of Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital.


Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital is introducing NEXA’s Q-Flow solution to its specialist outpatients’ eye and hand clinics to improve patient flow and reduce manual administrative practices.

We’re inspired by patients helped by the expertise of Sydney Eye Hospital. People like Nicholas. Thirty-seven-year old Nicholas, of Annandale, knew something was wrong with his eyes last year. They were giving him pain and his vision was blurred.

Matthew Simunovic

Retinal degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in children and adults in Australia. At present, there are no approved treatments which can reverse this sight loss. However, one possible approach vision restoration in retinal disease is through cellular therapy to replace lost retinal cells. However, identifying a reliable source of stem or progenitor cells for cell therapy is an unmet challenge.

Dr Jed Lusthaus - Glaucoma Researcher

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible vision loss in the world. Despite this we have limited understanding of why 3% of Australians develop glaucoma.

Linda and Jed

Patients, staff, research and new equipment at Sydney Eye Hospital have been given a boost this year with new grants totalling $251,905 from its accredited charity, The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

New chairman of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, Dr Andrew Chang, believes the Foundation is in a good position to support the hospital as it prepares itself to deal with the many challenges and growing demands on health services in the next decade.

Since 1981, donors have helped purchase vital equipment, drive innovation and support the acquisition of cutting – edge technology. They have allowed us to build knowledge through research and enabled specialist training and development of staff while staying focused on the key patient group relying on the expert care for which our hospital is renowned.

Poppies at Sydney Eye Hospital Fountain

After a successful engagement involving our community and those even further afield, having received crocheted poppies from the UK, we now look forward to filling the Hospital courtyard with red poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11.

Matthew Simunovic theatre

A new era in the treatment of patients at Sydney Eye Hospital has been ushered in with the latest operating microscope technology, a Zeiss Artevo 800 digital ophthalmic microscope.