Working in the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital as an eye specialist is a great opportunity. Aside from the honor of working in a historic and prestigious hospital, becoming an employee of the Sydney Eye Hospital will bring you a lot of opportunities in learning and training while working with the best health doctors and specialists. You’ll have the chance to work closely to the hospital’s staffs to develop camaraderie, cooperation and teamwork.

The hospital receives a lot of patient because the hospital is the only eye hospital in NSW. With this large number of patients admitted, it gives you the opportunity to encounter a lot different health cases. Thus this scenario gives you a wide experience in diagnosing, curing and preventing these different kinds of disorders.

Training opportunities such as orientation program and in-service training are being offered to the new hospital employees. The hospital also provides learning and educational opportunities to the new employees like the ophthalmology registrar program and the postgraduate nursing courses. You may also have the chance to involve in the various research studies conducted. In addition, the hospital had a lot of affiliations with different Universities in Sydney getting a chance to work in different fields of health services.