Sydney Eye Hospital doctors are known to provide the most outstanding eye care to all possible eye disorders. The doctors from this facility are highly trained and experienced. Of all the eye care institutions located in Sydney; Sydney Eye Hospital is equipped with the best eye care professionals. The hospital is further equipped with all-inclusive analytical tools. The comprehensive analytical tools are essential for carrying out accurate diagnosis of various eye conditions and eye disorders. The doctors in this facility make use of the latest technology in developing new and reliable techniques of tackling eye problems.

Sydney Eye Hospital doctors include the following eye care professionals: ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. The hospital’s ophthalmologists are responsible for carrying out surgical as well as medical care of the eyes; especially in the event of eye injuries. Ophthalmologists have the capacity of treating major eye disorders such as cancer of the eyes and cataracts. Optometrists are the second most important eye specialists at the Sydney Eye Hospital. Basically, a patient will be examined, diagnosed and treated by the optometrist. Nonetheless, advanced cases which require specialized treatment and surgeries are the ones referred to the ophthalmologists.

Professionally, Sydney Eye Hospital optometrists are responsible for the examination of eye configurations in order to detect as well as diagnose the following: eye problems, eye diseases, and eye injuries. Opticians are the third most important and unique specialists. The opticians at Sydney Eye Hospital major duties revolve around eyeglass duties. The opticians are the ones who carry out the necessary measurements for contact lenses. Moreover, opticians are responsible for selecting frames for patients’ eye glasses as well as educating patients on the importance of lenses.

Sydney Eye Hospital doctors involve themselves with a good number of diagnostic tests. The tests are used in establishing the various eye conditions. The following are among some of the best diagnostic tests in use at Sydney Eye Hospital: Electroretinography-this is a sophisticated technique used in evaluating the functionality of the retina; visual field analysis-this technique is used in evaluating a person’s side vision abilities; and lastly, measurement of the eyes-the technique is basically executed after a major eye surgery.

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