The eyes are always vulnerable to many things. So, you never know when your eyes may fall victim of microorganisms infections or physical infections. Eye infection is normally an eye condition that arises due eye attack by dangerous microorganisms. The commonest microorganisms which have been analysed in Australia include the following: viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The microorganisms may attack the cornea and the conjunctiva. At times the infection may go deeper to affect tissues, such as the Endophthalmitis.

Statistics brought forward by eye specialists in Australia have indicated that more than one million Australians may have eye infection. The infection existing in most of the Australians do differ depending on the microorganism involved. Ophthalmologists, opticians, and optometrists have over the years urge individuals in Australia to go for eye check-ups. According to them, eye check-ups are the only mechanisms which can clearly rule out the possibility of a person having an eye contamination. Basically, denial has made so many people face advanced eye disorders, hence leading to sophisticated eye procedures.

Doctors from specialized institutions, such as the Sydney Eye hospital have indicated that the use of contact lenses do lead to eye infection at some point in life. Here are the major types of eye contaminations, which have been over time diagnosed: pink eye-this is a infectious eye contagion that is prone in childhood; Fungal keratitis-this infection is believed to exist due to infection by contact lenses; Viral keratitis: this condition is common to individuals who are exposed to Herpes simplex virus; Endophthalmitis-this condition is experienced with a penetrating injury in the eye; Trachoma-this infection exists due to poor hygiene; and Acanthamoeba keratitis-the condition also comes about due to contact lenses.

The major symptoms of an eye infection include the following: unusual discharge from the eye; redness of the eyes; a feeling of irritation and itching on the eyes; persistent eye pain accompanied by swelling of the eye tissues. There exists various eye contamination treatments offered in some of the best eye health institutions. One of such institutions is the Sydney Eye Hospital. Here are a few of the eye treatments: virgin eye gel and Brochlor eye drops.

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