Linkedin Chocolates
Creative Commons License photo credit: nan palmeroLinkedIn is a professional, worldwide network of over 120 million professionals. Often called the Facebook for business, LinkedIn helps connect individuals in the business world to the right professional contacts that they need to know to network effectively.

While you can probably understand its networking capabilities for your own professional development and opportunities, you may not yet grasp how it can also help a charity you work with or a non-profit board you may serve on.

Non-profits and charities are able to create a company page which describes their mission and tells the story of who they are. Staff and board members should be encouraged to link their board service and professional activities tot eh company page. After this basic interaction, they should also link their profile up with fellow board members and staff.

Board members and volunteers can add the “volunteer and causes” section to their profile, which helps to raise awareness of your organization as a worthy cause. All of this interconnectivity helps to increase the profile of the organization via its LinkedIn company page.

Linked in not only helps to build awareness for your organization, but it can also help you with the hiring process for new staff as well. The best employees frequently come from established contacts, and linked in helps make that network even more visible.