Creative Commons License photo credit: Funky64 (www.lucarossato.com)After forming in 1981, the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has conducted an impressive amount of work in eye research and supporting training for future leaders in ophthalmology. With their primary mission of raising funds for the development of the Sydney Eye Hospital, the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation raises money and increases the number of members in the foundation which has allowed the Hospital to acquire specialised equipment and operating rooms that would have been unavailable to them otherwise.

In addition to additional equipment and more specialised facilities for training and operations, the Foundation supports the rehabilitation work at the Hospital, which allows patients suffering from low vision to use rehabilitation services at the Hospital. The Foundation also helps to support he Fellowship program at the Hospital, meaning better trained ophthalmologists will continue to receive the highest level of training. The Foundation is not just concerned with current eye training, facilities, and equipment, but the Foundation also supports research into future health solutions through its funding of research into preventing blindness. This critical research demonstrates the forward thinking actions of the Foundation. The Sydney Eye Hospital has become known for its high level of service, and the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation helps to make this possible.