The retina is a curved layer that is located at the back of the eye; it is surrounded by light sensitive cells known as the rods and cones. Rod cells function is to respond to dim light while the function of cone cells is to distinguish colours such as red, green and blue. Retina Problems can lead to partial or total blindness. They are mainly caused by various diseases such as diabetes and macular degeneration.

Here are some of the common Retina Problems: Retinal detachment-it is a condition whereby the retina is pulled from its specific position.

That is, the retina is separated from the nerve tissues and blood vessels that are below it. This separation leads to leakage of fluids that entre into the inner portion of the eye hence causing loss of vision.
Retinal detachment can also arise if some of the retinal areas are torn; these torn areas are known as retinal tears. Patients with this disease exhibit the following symptoms: spots that float in the vision, flashes of light and retinal tears. The disorder is treated by the use of laser procedure and its occurrence can be prevented if the retinal tears are treated before they become severe.

Diabetic retinopathy-it is among the Retina Problems that damages the retina’s blood vessels. It leads to break down of blood vessels hence leakage of fluids which leads to poor vision. If the retina has scars from healing blood vessels, the retina can be pulled away from its location which leads to a retinal tear. This condition has been termed as a leading cause of vision loss and total blindness.

Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of obtaining diabetic retinopathy. In order to prevent developing this eye problem, diabetic patient should control their blood sugar levels. Retinoblastoma-it is a retina problem that is described as an eye cancer that develops at the retina. It mainly occurs in children and its warning symptom is whiteness on the pupil.

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