Their various diseases of the eye that lead to vision loss and they include: cataract, glaucoma, uveitis, dry eye, retinal detachment, eye herpes, conjunctivitis, cytomegalovirus retinitis, diabetic retinopathy and strabismus.

Cataract is a characterized as clouding at the eye lens, it leads to vision loss and seeing of objects becomes blurred. It develops mainly in the elderly but can also develop during birth, its main causes are: aging, diabetes, lens injury, low calcium levels, smoking, dehydration and prolonged use of cortisone. It is presented by the following symptoms: double vision, diminished vision, decreased colour sensitivity, prescription changes of eye glasses and ability to read in dim light or even without glasses. Its treatment is through surgery that is removal.

Glaucoma is also in the class of diseases of the eye and it mainly affects the optic nerve which prevents the fluid in the eye from draining properly causing increased eye pressure. They are two types that is, open angle and closed angle glaucoma. Symptoms involved are: eye pain, blurred vision, nausea and changes in eyeglass strength. Their treatment is through surgery.

Strabismus is an eye disease that may lead to blindness if left untreated; it is whereby one eye does the seeing while the looks at a different direction. Primary strabismus is inherited while secondary strabismus occurs due to; head injury, diabetes, heart failure, head injury, hypertension, and stroke and brain tumour. The treatment involves various procedures that involve the following steps; first glasses are prescribed, then the suppression habit is broken down via vision therapy and lastly stereopsis is developed to prevent the eyes from re-crossing.

Dry eye is also a type of eye disease that arises when tear production decreases, this result to dry burning eyes. Symptoms presented by this are; Sjorgen’s syndrome which consists of rheumatoid arthritis and dry mouth. People prone to the disease are the aging people. It can be treated by using isotonic artificial tears.

Uveitis is also in the diseases of the eye class, it is described as an inflammation of a part or the whole uvea. The symptoms presented are; blurred vision, eye redness and severe eye pain. Its causes include: arthritis, tuberculosis, ocular contusion injury and lens induced uveitis. Treatment is via surgery or laser and it is managed by using atropine and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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