There are different types of eye doctors who differ in their line of specialization. Sydney Eye Hospital Doctors include; optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists. An optometrist is a doctor who offers eye health care services. They obtain a two year technical degree and get a license that authorizes them to examine, make a diagnosis, treat and also manage eye problems.

They work together with ophthalmologists and optometrists in order to make a diagnosis and decide on the form of treatment. They also offer patients the care needed before surgeries, procedures and eye examination. They are certified to prescribe glasses, contact lenses and to treat vision diseases via non-surgical procedures.

The next important sets of Sydney Eye Hospital Doctors are the ophthalmologists. They are eye doctors who have specialized in the field of ophthalmology. Their training is lengthy since it can take up to twelve years which includes the years of specialization. They are fully certified to offer the entire eye health care services that involve both medical and surgical services. These services include; prescription of contact lenses or eye glasses, diagnoses of eye disorders, eye examinations, treating eye diseases, removing ocular tumours and surgical procedures. Ophthalmologists specialize in specific areas such as paediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology or plastic surgery.

Opticians are also among the best Sydney Eye Hospital Doctors who work as a team with ophthalmologists and optometrists in order to provide eye care services. They assist in the evaluation and interpretation of prescriptions in order to provide fitting eye glasses. They also repair, adjust and replace eyewear such as spectacles, artificial eyes, contact lenses, frames and low vision aids. Opticians are responsible for the ordering of eye products.

Sydney Eye Hospital Doctors are the ideal eye health care specialists to consult since they work as a team. This enables them to obtain a proper diagnosis that will enable them to come up with an effective treatment regimen.

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