The most successful eye foundation that has ever flourished in Sydney is the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation. This foundation was first established in 1882. Over the years, the foundation has undergone advanced developments. From this foundation, a very promising eye hospital was developed; the Sydney Eye Hospital. The hospital has grown both in service delivery and popularity. In fact, its union with Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has seen it elevated to high status among the best eye hospitals in Sydney and the rest of the world.

The eye foundation of Sydney Eye Hospital is very much committed to provide the highest degree of eye care and treatment to all its patients without hesitation. The foundation of this hospital which is based on Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is aimed at offering inclusive eye health check-ups and treatments. The basic services that accrues from the foundations goals include: laser treatment consultation and correction; surgical and medical eye treatment with the aim of combating eye disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and so on; eye emergency services; and conclusive eye diagnosis and treatment.

The most distinguishing feature of eye foundation Sydney is in its concern on each of its individual patients. The specialists at Sydney Eye Hospital make decisions that are very effective towards the patients. Ideally, the hospital is composed of a vast network ophthalmologists and optometrists who are well equipped with knowledge and skills on how to improve and maintain quality eye health of their patients. The foundation at Sydney Eye Hospital is aimed at supporting the eye health requirements of Australian communities as well as research events which are aimed at finding solutions to upcoming eye problems.

The union between the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation and Sydney Eye Hospital has resulted into so many good eye care activities. In addition, the University of Sydney under the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology has effectively produced excellent eye specialists; who are well equipped with knowledge and experience on how to encounter any possible eye problem that may be presented to them. So, if you wish to notice the change in your eyes, it will be wise for you to make a visit to Sydney Eye Hospital.