The Eye Hospital, Sydney focuses on keeping people’s eye health and vision in tip top shape. The hospital, well known for its research and advanced micro-surgical techniques, offers surgeries to clients in a personal and caring environment. Their experienced and quality surgeons have performed thousands of procedures using the most modern and advanced equipment to date. Many of these opthalmological advancements were developed at this state of the art eye care facility, which has performed thousands of successful surgeries. Their health practitioners are qualified experts in eye care and have been trained to be sensitive to the stress involved in eye surgery or treatment.

The majority of eye surgeries are performed as a day procedure. Before undergoing surgery, patients will walk through a variety of clinical steps that will ensure the best possible preparation for their treatment. This includes attending regular appointments with your surgeon and surgical counsellors, taking pre-operative assessments, undergoing physical examinations and filing out consent forms.

On the day of surgery, you should always try to arrive at the eye hospital a little bit early with the expectation of a two to three hour stay. It is key to make prior arrangements for someone to drive you both to and from the hospital as you will not be in a condition to drive. It is also recommend that you this person waits for you at the hospital in case the surgeon needs to provide instructions after the procedure. It is imperative that you follow any directions given to you by your surgeon both prior to the surgery and after the surgical procedure has been performed.

With such a high quality and comprehensive program for surgical procedures along with its caring and sensitive team of health practitioners, your day surgery at the Eye Hospital, Sydney will be an exceptional one. The knowledgeable and friendly staff will go above and beyond to facilitate your surgery by first greeting you at the door and then preparing you for a surgery with their highly trained surgeons. The philosophy for care at the Sidney Eye Hospital is one that focuses on providing specialised treatment all within a setting that is pleasant and positive for everyone involved.