The eyes are usually very delicate organs of the body. They are highly vulnerable to any sort of infections as far as microorganisms are involved. Moreover, the eyes are vulnerable to physical injuries in regardless of the cause. Injuries on the eye may potential lead to some undesirable eye disorders. Eye health and eye care are therefore important in one’s life.

Eye specialists (ophthalmologists, opticians, and optometrists) in Sydney have been researching on the various causes, symptoms and treatment options for a wide range of eye disorders. Recently, so many eye ailments have been diagnosed. This document will effectively discuss some of the common eye disorders diagnosed by eye specialists such as the ones from Sydney Eye Hospital, Australia.
Strabismus-this eye disorder is described by the movements of the eyes.

The ailment makes the eye (s) turn downwards, upwards, inwards or even outwards. The ailment is common in childhood; however, the disorder may be experienced in adulthood. If the condition is not treated it might lead to permanent loss of eye sight, hence one need to have regular check-ups in order to detect strabismus.

Glaucoma-among the various eye disorders, glaucoma is ranked as one of the dangerous ones. The disorder is known to damage the optic nerve of the eyes leading to partial loss of vision or even blindness in extreme cases. The disorder is mainly caused by pressure increase in the eye. Common symptoms of the ailment include: persistent pain in the eye; blurry eye sight; nausea; and repeated variations of eye glasses.

Detached retina-this disorder is experienced when the retina is dislocated from its original position. Eye specialists in Australia have insisted that retinal detachment is among the fatal eye disorders; therefore, the ailment needs to be diagnosed and treated in time or else it might lead to permanent blindness. The disease is mainly caused by the following factors: aging factor, eye injuries, myopia, genetic, and difficulties encountered during ophthalmologic surgeries.
Cataract-this is an ailment mainly defined by clouding of the eyes lenses.

The condition normally results into diminished vision. Eye doctors in Australia are urging the Australians to consult eye specialists for check-ups, since this is an important step in establishing cataract attacks. The common symptoms of the disorder include: poor colour sensitivity; double vision; and reduced eye sight.

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