Eye problems have been on the rise across Australia and the rest of the world. Eye doctors have been researching and developing various medical treatments accompanied by surgeries for the various eye disorders. One of the treatment plan administered by eye doctors is the conjunctivitis treatment. The specified treatment for conjunctivitis is based on the nature of the disease; since, they differ in regard to the individual cause. There are three major cases of conjunctivitis which correspond to the following: irritant conjunctivitis, infection based conjunctivitis, and allergic conjunctivitis.

There are two large classes of conjunctivitis treatment and they include: home remedy treatment and medically prescribed treatment. Both treatments for conjunctivitis are crucial; however, the effectiveness will entirely depend on the manner in which the treatments are administered. The following are the best natural conjunctivitis treatments one can possibly engage. Honey and milk-obtain a small portion of honey and a small portion of milk; have the two components mixed together in a bowl; stir the mixture; wash your eyes effectively with the mixture.

Coriander-obtain at least fifty grams of dried coriander; mix the coriander with water and then boil them. Afterwards, you will have to strain the liquid and place it in a cool environment. Use the cooled strained liquid to wash your eyes, the treatment is known to significantly reduce the effects of conjunctivitis. Apple cider vinegar-this treatment plan is quite effective, all you need to do is obtain at least two tea spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Then, mix the vinegar with a small quantity of water. Use the mixture to clean your eyes.

Eye specialists, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians will prescribe chemical based medications. These medications are mainly administered as eye drops. Moreover, severe conjunctivitis may lead to some serious conditions that may require specialized conjunctivitis treatment.

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