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An Eye Foundation is an institution aimed at creating programs on how to treat eye problems as well as prevent causes of eye disorders. In most cases, such an institution is expected to be non-governmental institution; even though there are some which are either partially or fully controlled by the government. The Australian learned society has widely seen the importance of having an eye centre within them. This is mainly attributed to the fact that there have been many cases of eye disorders reported across the country. Eye Foundation s initiatives began as early as 1800s.

Eye Foundation objectives are expected to include all age groups and gender. So, the programs of a given eye institution in Australia should consider young children as well as adults. Australians are very discrete people; hence any foundation dealing with eye health should be composed of staffs that are highly skilled in handling patients. Moreover, an institution of such a calibre is expected to have a wide range of eye services. The commonest eye services, including treatment and surgeries should include: corneal transplantation; glaucoma; medical retina; general ophthalmology; refractive surgery; LASIK; cataract surgery; and laser eye surgery.

The best Eye Foundation in Australia recently is the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye hospital. This foundation was initially realized in 1882. Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation most successful event was achieved in 1995 when the foundation effectively helped the Sydney Eye Hospital to realize their dream of becoming a fully eye health centre. This achievement led to the amalgamation of the two hospitals. The union gave rise to the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital. The Sydney Eye hospital Foundation is aimed at improving the eye health of the Australian population. The institution is well-known for its highly trained eye specialists and sophisticated facilities.

Sydney Eye Foundation has proven to Sydney and the world at large that they are the best in eye health and eye care. The foundation’s main objective is to prevent blindness by controlling all the possible eye disorder causes. The institution has also incorporated modern eye surgical surgeries. The foundation has effectively changed the status of many individuals’ eyes in the country.

The most successful eye foundation that has ever flourished in Sydney is the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation. This foundation was first established in 1882. Over the years, the foundation has undergone advanced developments. From this foundation, a very promising eye hospital was developed; the Sydney Eye Hospital. The hospital has grown both in service delivery and popularity. In fact, its union with Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has seen it elevated to high status among the best eye hospitals in Sydney and the rest of the world.

The eye foundation of Sydney Eye Hospital is very much committed to provide the highest degree of eye care and treatment to all its patients without hesitation. The foundation of this hospital which is based on Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is aimed at offering inclusive eye health check-ups and treatments. The basic services that accrues from the foundations goals include: laser treatment consultation and correction; surgical and medical eye treatment with the aim of combating eye disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and so on; eye emergency services; and conclusive eye diagnosis and treatment.

The most distinguishing feature of eye foundation Sydney is in its concern on each of its individual patients. The specialists at Sydney Eye Hospital make decisions that are very effective towards the patients. Ideally, the hospital is composed of a vast network ophthalmologists and optometrists who are well equipped with knowledge and skills on how to improve and maintain quality eye health of their patients. The foundation at Sydney Eye Hospital is aimed at supporting the eye health requirements of Australian communities as well as research events which are aimed at finding solutions to upcoming eye problems.

The union between the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation and Sydney Eye Hospital has resulted into so many good eye care activities. In addition, the University of Sydney under the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology has effectively produced excellent eye specialists; who are well equipped with knowledge and experience on how to encounter any possible eye problem that may be presented to them. So, if you wish to notice the change in your eyes, it will be wise for you to make a visit to Sydney Eye Hospital.

Across the globe, there are thousands of charities and eye foundations dedicated to helping people with sight-loss and eye health problems. If you know somebody with an eye disease or serious eye condition, you will appreciate the importance of these organisations and charities, which help raise awareness and work toward raising funds for research and developments in treatment, as well as provide individuals with much needed support.

One of these foundations is the Sydney Eye Foundation, which was formed in 1981, and is still dedicated to raising funds for updating sophisticated equipment for the hospital’s operations, expanding on their facilities, expanding the rehabilitation services for patients with low vision, increase their offerings of post-graduate training and in providing funding for critical research into the prevention of blindness.

Blindness and vision impairment is a major global public health problem. There is an estimated 285 million people world-wide who are blind or experience vision impairment. What is most disturbing about these numbers is that approximately 80 percent of all vision loss is treatable and preventable.

Essentially, blindness includes the complete or partial vision loss that can’t be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Many health conditions can lead to blindness, but fortunately, there are ways that you can minimise the risk of developing eye problems and help to prevent blindness. Some of these areas included keeping health blood sugar levels to avoid damaging the retina. The high the sugar levels the higher the risk of developing blindness. Other preventative methods include getting your eyes checked regularly and

Getting your blood pressure checked regularly is also key as high blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the eye to burst and lead to vision impairment. Adopting a healthy lifestyle in both of these areas of prevention is key, which includes consuming a diet rich in nutrients including antioxidants. Foods like broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers and carrots are good for the eyes.

Australia has a long history of being a pioneer and in advancing the field of eye health and preventative diseases. The Sydney Eye Foundation continues to contribute the challenge of preventing blindness through its important work in research and advanced technology and techniques to diagnosis and treatment.

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Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is one of the strongest medical facilities that Sydney has ever witnessed. Sydney eye hospital bears a strong legacy of nursing as well as all medical practices. This facility has made its way through so many hardships to be ranked the best in Australia and in the world. Historically, this hospital dates two hundred years back. Sydney eye hospital has undergone a number of transition stages. Through its growth, Sydney eye hospital moved from Miller to Woolloomooloo until it merged with Sydney hospital campus back in 1996.

The amalgamation of Sydney hospital campus and Sydney eye hospital resulted into a robust Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation that has so far accomplished more than one project across Australia, its neighbouring territories and the rest of the world. This foundation is aimed at offering the best eye services. The commonest eye services that you are guaranteed at Sydney eye hospital include: surgical and medical treatment of oculo-oncology disorders; surgical and medical administration of vitreo-retinal; surgical and medical administration of glaucoma; and surgical and medical administration of the cornea. The effectiveness of Sydney eye hospital has grown strong due to its service provision methodologies.

The most enticing part about Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is on its objectives. The hospital’s main objectives are meant to ensure proper and consistent services delivery to all its clientele. Its major objectives include: provision of medical funding meant to facilitate research in the prevention of blindness; the aim of coordinating future developments of the Sydney eye hospital; the expansion of the current surgical and medical management teaching/ training institutions; developing on the public figure with the aim of attracting new and reliable donations as well as memberships. With the above objectives, Sydney eye hospital has been able to provide general as well as specialized medical services.

So far, so many communities in Australia have benefited from the hard work that the staffs of Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation have administered. The Sydney eye hospital future ambitions involve the following: establishment of a major training institution where proper research is carried out on the means and ways of preventing blindness; the execution of major eye surgery within the New South Wales region; the development of a stable public medical facility which is meant to provide both inpatient and outpatient medical treatment. In summary, Sydney eye hospital is the appropriate place to seek both eye surgical and medical treatment.

It is a good idea if you are going to take a tour in the Sydney Eye hospital because by just booking a tour in this hospital, you are helping those in need for the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

With the Sydney Eye Hospital’s Historical places, it has become a captivating place for people who want to tour such a place. You can choose between their historical tour and their museum tour, or you can have both. For just a small amount, they offer a tour that last up to two and a half hours when you sign up for both tours. They also offer morning or afternoon tea break for their visitors so you can have a relaxing moment while appreciating the atmosphere of the place.

The tour will start with group of eight up to twenty five persons. You should choose what place to visit, either historical tour or museum tour, or you can have them both. There are different places for viewing inside the historical tour and museum tour, and there are particular rates applied for both tours and it depends on your choice.

All proceeds from the tour will be used for buying new medical equipment and for the maintenance of the museum. The beneficiaries of this Sydney Eye hospital Foundation are the patients and the visitors.

Different beautiful places in Sydney Australia have awakened the city with many visitors coming for a scenic view and fascinating history of the place. Guided Historical Tours are offering one hour and a half tour during Mondays to Fridays, for just a few dollars for one place or another additional payment for another place of your choice. Income and profit of the tours will directly go to Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation for buying hospital equipment for the needs of Australian patients.

Guided Historical Tours will initiate the tour by groups. Each group will consists of twenty people and below. You can choose your tour either Museum or Historical Tour or you may prefer to have both Historical and Museum Tours. There are three historical features for viewing in your Historical tour. However, tour rates will be ranging depending on your choice per person.

Upon booking your tour, you will be given brochures as your guide and map so you can see the places you will go. Inquiries are open online or you can contact the Hospital information for tour inquiries. At the end of it, you can collect some souvenir items available at the gift shop.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Funky64 ( forming in 1981, the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation has conducted an impressive amount of work in eye research and supporting training for future leaders in ophthalmology. With their primary mission of raising funds for the development of the Sydney Eye Hospital, the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation raises money and increases the number of members in the foundation which has allowed the Hospital to acquire specialised equipment and operating rooms that would have been unavailable to them otherwise.

In addition to additional equipment and more specialised facilities for training and operations, the Foundation supports the rehabilitation work at the Hospital, which allows patients suffering from low vision to use rehabilitation services at the Hospital. The Foundation also helps to support he Fellowship program at the Hospital, meaning better trained ophthalmologists will continue to receive the highest level of training. The Foundation is not just concerned with current eye training, facilities, and equipment, but the Foundation also supports research into future health solutions through its funding of research into preventing blindness. This critical research demonstrates the forward thinking actions of the Foundation. The Sydney Eye Hospital has become known for its high level of service, and the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation helps to make this possible.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: woodleywonderworksOne of the most important ways you can support the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation and its research is by donating money to the Foundation in support of its mission. Donations to the Foundation can be made simply, quickly, and easily. If you are comfortable with a computer, donating online is a simple and easy process. If donating via the computer is not for you, you can also mail in your donation to GPO Box 1614 Sydney 2001.

A donor information form is available via the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation’s web site and should be mailed in with your donation. You can also donate to the Foundation via email or telephone if you have any questions or would like more assistance with your donation. Some people prefer not having to think about their donation at all, and have set up an automatic draft from their credit card to the Foundation.

This option means that you never have to worry about the donation procedure once it is set up, and it is automatically taken of for you. In addition to providing the necessary funding for great research and training, your donation is also tax-deductible, providing you with one more reason to donate to the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Lord ManleyAs a charitable organization founded in 1981, the primary purpose of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation (SEHF) was to help raise money for the Sydney Eye Hospital. At that time the Sydney Eye Hospital was actually located in Woolloomooloo. Today, the SEHF Foundation continues providing support for the Sydney Eye Hospital.

More explicitly, the SEHF works to boost membership in the foundation as well as increase the donations to the organizations from those members and outside sources. These funds are to help purchase new specialised equipment that aren’t being funded through government budgets. In this way, the hospital can continue to provide the latest treatment opportunities.

In addition to new equipment, another objective of the SEHF is to support post graduate training of rising ophthalmologists through the expansion of the support facilities needed to provide top-level teaching. As well, the SEHF works to continue the development of the Sydney Eye Hospital super specialist role.

While all of these objectives can be primarily considered direct support for the Hospital itself, the SEHF also helps to fund research for the prevention of blindness. All of these objectives by SEHF help to make the Sydney Eye Hospital an excellent research, teaching, and training hospital.