Sydney Eye Hospital is so far the most outstanding eye center in Australia. The hospital has achieved numerous goals in regard to eye care/ eye health. The hospital originated from the ophthalmic department of the old Sydney Hospital.

The hospital existence was highly recognized in the 1960s; ideally, this is the time when the hospital was widely referred to as the Sydney Eye clinic. The hospital’s operations were maintained at given standards until early 1990s.

Most people thought that the hospital will not realize its long awaited dream. Nonetheless, the hospital’s main ambition of moving into sophisticated premises was achieved in the year 1995 when the Sydney Eye hospital Foundation offered its support. The support offered by the foundation to the Sydney Eye Clinic led to a strong alliance between the foundation and the hospital. The alliance between the two resulted into the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Clinic.

Sydney Eye hospital operates under strict prime objectives. The various objectives are as follows: firstly, the hospital’s operations are tailored towards attracting essential support from members and donors, the finances from donors and members are used to purchase sophisticated equipment/ facilities; secondly, the hospital’s management is working hard to ensure that the facility has highly sophisticated equipment, essential for treatment/ operation of the eye.

In addition, the hospital has so far established specialized facilities accompanied by rehabilitation services. Moreover, the hospital has and is still developing mechanisms of expanding the essential facilities needed to support the ongoing graduate as well as post-graduate teaching for the various medical practitioners.

Sydney Eye hospital has in store various medical vacancies. Here are some of the leading medical vacancies that one can apply for: operating theatre nursing occupations; ophthalmology nursing opportunities; surgical nursing jobs; and ICU nursing jobs. As you can see, the hospital is well-acquainted in diversified fields with eye care as the primary field.