Hundreds of charities and eye foundations worldwide are dedicated to promote eye health and help people find curative treatments and surgeries for their sight-loss and eye health problems. If you are close to someone who is facing eye disease or a serious eye condition, you will appreciate the significance of the charitable work these organisations do in raising awareness and funds toward research, advancements in treatment and eye health care and support.

The Sydney Eye Foundation, formed in 1981, is one such organisation that is dedicated to raising money for updating its sophisticated opthalmologic equipment, expanding its research and healthcare facilities, enhancing its rehabilitation services, increasing its post-graduate training and in performing critical research into the prevention of blindness and serious eye diseases.

Blindness and vision impairment is a major public health issue all around the world. In fact, there is an estimated 285 million people who are blind or are facing serious vision impairment. What is most alarming about these numbers is that while some causes of vision impairment are not preventable, approximately 80 percent of all vision loss is preventable. Taking care of your eye health may not entirely prevent vision damage, but it will reduce the risk of developing problems and will help promote overall health.

In medical terms, blindness is considered a complete or partial vision loss that cannot be corrected through the use of glasses or contact lenses. There are many health conditions that can lead to blindness, but luckily there are also many ways that you can help minimise the risk of developing eye diseases and prevent blindness. Some of these include keeping your blood sugars at healthy levels, getting your eyes checked regularly and ensuring that your blood pressure is kept in check so as to prevent blood vessels in the eyes from bursting. In addition, adopting a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in maintaining your eye health through diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants. If you have concerns about your eye health, talk to your health care provider or an eye care professional.

Australia has a long and rich history of advancing the field of eye health and preventative eye diseases. As a pioneer in eye health, the Sydney Eye Foundation has continued to contribute immensely to this field and face the challenge of preventing blindness through its significant research and advancement in opthamological technology and techniques in diagnosis and treatment.

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