Conjunctivitis is one of the most irritating eye problems that most people in Australia experience every now and then. The disorder is described by an acute inflammation of the conjunctiva (a thin transparent tissue). Statistically, the disorder is considered as a common condition, hence it is contagious. The disorder is mainly caused by the following factors: allergies to specific substances; viral/ bacterial infections; and blocked tear duct in infants.

Nonetheless, the condition is treatable. The conjunctivitis treatment plans that one can employ include both over the counter medication and homemade medication. In most cases one is advised to consult a doctor in the event that the following symptoms show up: itchiness, soreness, and redness of the eye/ eyes; moreover, the eye/ eyes may become watery and gritty. Eye doctors will significantly prescribe over the counter medication, such as lubricant eye drops.

On the other hand, you may individually evaluate the symptoms and establish the root of the problem on your own. Once you are certain that you have conjunctivitis, you can go ahead and make use of the homemade remedies. There exist various homemade conjunctivitis treatments that one can use; the following are the best homemade conjunctivitis treatment procedures that one can use. Honey and milk: obtain small portions of warm milk and honey; have the two ingredients mixed together in a small bowl; stir the mixture; obtain the resulting solution and use it in form of eye drops; use the medication at least twice a day.

Coriander-obtain at least fifty grams of dried coriander; have them boiled effectively; squeeze the coriander to obtain the liquid; let the liquid cool; you can either use the liquid in form of drops or use the liquid to wash your eyes; repeat the procedure at least twice a day in order to attain the best results. The two homemade conjunctivitis treatments will definitely eliminate the effects of conjunctivitis.

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