Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that involves the study of the anatomy, physiology and eye diseases. Persons who specialize in ophthalmology are known as ophthalmologists, they are known to be specialists in both medical and surgical eye problems. They are medical specialists since they diagnose and treat eye diseases; they are also eye surgeons since they perform eye operations.

Ophthalmologists are trained to diagnose and treat eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. They are well conversant with the use of eye equipment’s like microscopes that are used for eye examination. They are also trained on how to prescribe treatments including contact lenses and medications.

In order to specialize in ophthalmology, one needs to complete high school and then obtain an undergraduate degree that will enable him or her to attend a medical college for four years. After completing medicine school a person can now specialize in ophthalmology for three years.

There are various subspecialties learners can undertake after the three years’ training. One can opt to add an extra year in order to undertake extra training that involves the following; glaucoma treatment, paediatric ophthalmology or reconstructive eye surgery.

Learners who complete training are required to pass various examinations in order to obtain their practise licences and to be certified by the state he or she is practising eye care in. Those who are certified are authorized to practise as eye doctors. Individuals who further specialize are at a higher probability of obtaining a highly paying job.

Ophthalmology is among the high paying careers, since the annual basic salary an ophthalmologist earns is convincing. The salary layout is as follows: eye doctors with one year experience get an income of approximately 200,000 dollars, and those with a five year experience earn an average pay of 230,0000. Ophthalmologists with a ten year experience obtain a wage of 260,000 dollars and lastly those with an experience of more than ten years are paid an approximate salary of 340,000 dollars.

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