Creative Commons License photo credit: The U.S. ArmySydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital are considered as symbol of Australia’s medical and nursing history. In the year of when First Fleet arrived, Sydney Hospital, Australia’s first hospital was born. Then, Sydney Eye Hospital operations commenced at the Miller’s point until it is relocated at Woolloomooloo at a later date. After several decades of excellence, the Sydney Eye Hospital teamed up with the Sydney Hospital campus. Today, both hospitals are co-located at Macquarie Street.

To date, the hospital that now stands at the Central Pavilion is also considered as Australia’s first nursing school. It is founded by Lucy Osburn, who was sent by Florence of Nightingale as a response to the colonial government’s request. Marking 200 years of milestones, Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital with its excellent medical staff and professionals, demand a high standard of work and quality in the area of eye, hand, sexual health and alcohol and drug management.
The establishment of the two hospitals has also paved way to the development and improvement of many clinical areas nationally and internationally. With the 113 in-patient beds the hospital offers, it is able to provide quality and satisfactory medical services to citizens, residents and foreigners. It has also the new Clinical Services building which greatly contributes to providing more sophisticated medical services to Australians.