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Eye care is an often overlooked, but it remains an important aspect of our personal health and wellness. As we grow older, our eyes go through many changes and should be carefully monitored by a good opthamologist. Selecting a good eye doctor requires just as much care as selecting a general health physician. When shopping for a new eye doctor it is important to find a good specialist who can take care of the overall health of your eyes. Not just your vision problems but to ensure they are equipped to notice changes that could signal a more serious condition or disease.

For example, although glaucoma testing is still present in the procedures found in many local vision centres, a seasoned opthamologist will provide you with eye health care that goes far beyond what is available at your common eye wear outlet. Although one can’t argue with the convenience of getting your eye glasses in an hour, you might not be receiving the kind of attention your eyes need to maintain their health.

An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who specialises in surgical and medical procedures. They are a good choice for anyone with injuries to the eye, eye disease or complicated vision problems. As you age it is important to begin looking for a qualified opthamologist as they are qualified to diagnose, treat and care for common diseases of the eyes and vision.

It is important to understand the difference between an optometrist and an opthamologist. Optometrists are not medical doctors. They are however trained to detect various diseases and malformations of the eye including cataracts and glaucoma. They are not trained, however, to perform eye surgery to correct these diseases, and should be referring clients with complicated diseases to an ophthalmologist.

Most optometrists work with patients with conditions including astigmatism, far-sightedness and near-sightedness. They can prescribe corrective lenses to help improve vision and recommend certain medications for uncomplicated disease of the eye. As you age it is good for your eye health to ensure you have both a good optometrist and a good opthamologist to ensure all of your health needs are met.

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