Eye health awareness is very essential for each and every Australian, especially with the emerging cases of environmental pollution. In most cases, people get exposed to harmful substances either directly or indirectly without taking into consideration the long term effects of such substances. Eye Disorders are increasing in numbers across Australia; this is mainly attributed to the diminished eye care observed by most people. Every now and then, new cases of eye diseases are reported in most of the renowned eye canters, such as the Sydney Eye hospital.

Eye Disorders may arise from a number of factors. The following are the major causes of eye diseases: hereditary reception, some diseases such as cataracts may be passed from one generation to another; accident, major accidents may lead to severe damage of the eyes leading to unimaginable eye diseases; and infection by an external substance such as a chemical pollutant. The above are the generalized form of factors that may lead to severe eye sickness as well as total blindness.

Eye doctors in Australia are always advising the natives to undergo thorough check-ups in order to ensure that they are safe. The following are some of the symptoms that a person with Eye Disorders may exhibit: multiple visions, tired eyes, swelling and/or inflammation of the eyes, persistent irritation/ itching sensation on the eyes, and the inability to identify colours as well as near objects. Most of the indicated symptoms are associated with stress, eye fatigue, conjunctivitis, and too much consumption of caffeine products.

There are so many Eye Disorders that one may be diagnosed of. The major disorders incorporate the following: glaucoma, a condition that manifest itself due to the destruction of the optic nerve; cataracts, this is a hereditary disorder, that may be inherited or contracted; and retina disorders, the condition is mainly associated with the nerve region of the eye.

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