Creative Commons License photo credit: maria mono

As a patient or concern relative of the patient, knowing the admission procedures of the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital is very important. It helps you save time, money and effort in coming back and forth to the hospital. Going to the hospital in non-emergency cases without following the admission procedures and bringing the needed items may cause you to keep on coming in and out of the hospital.

The following are the most important things to know before coming to the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital. First, you should understand well the admission letter sent to you by the hospital. In this letter, you can see the scheduled date of your admission. Upon receiving the letter, you should call the Booking Office of the hospital 14 days prior to the scheduled date to confirm your admission. In case of unavoidable circumstances that you could not possibly attend the scheduled day, inform the Booking Office and ask for a new schedule.

Aside from bringing your personal things on your admission day, you should also bring with you the admission letter, your current medication or previous medical results like X-rays if you think necessary, and your complete medical insurance details like Medicare.