Ambulance NSW Photo Shoot 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: alexkessWhile visiting an emergency department in a hospital is one option to you in the case of an emergency in Sydney, there are also numerous other emergency services available in the Sydney. In the case of an accidental ingestion of poison, or even just information about the possible ingestion of poison, the NSW Poisons Information Centre is available via telephone at 131 126. If you are in need of assistance for mental health issues, there are multiple mental health services available to you in various parts of the city.

These include services in the South Eastern Sydney Area and the Illawarra area. Sometimes an emergency includes sexual assaults and abuse, and there is a Sexual Abuse Help Line available to those that need assistance. The Child Protection Unit can also be reached by telephone with both a daytime business hours numbers and an after hour telephone number as well.

These specialised telephone help lines and various physical support offices are able to provide specific professional assistance to a wide variety of emergencies. If you think that you might be in an emergency situation but aren’t sure, the best thing to do is to call and talk to someone. In an emergency situation it is always better to be safe than sorry.