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The Sydney Eye Hospital Sydney Australia is one of the leading and finest hospitals in New South Wales. It is a public hospital in Sydney Australia yet it provides the best health service in the state. Aside from providing health services, the hospital is also in aid of education on medical students.

The Medical Library of the Sydney Eye Hospital is a room of great learning in terms of medical research and studies. The Medical Library has a vast collection of medical books and journals. They also have a wide-ranging collection. These collections are essential in teaching medical students, aid research of medical cases, and other purposes. The library is composed of different sections. There is a room for general medicine where the books found in this room are for general use on medicine only. There is also a room for eye and general eye book reading and historical room. The Medical Library also provides a library catalog but you must be registered borrower to be able to have an access to the catalogue.

The Medical Library is located at the Level 3 of the Administration Building of the Sydney Eye Hospital. The library is open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

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As a patient or concern relative of the patient, knowing the admission procedures of the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital is very important. It helps you save time, money and effort in coming back and forth to the hospital. Going to the hospital in non-emergency cases without following the admission procedures and bringing the needed items may cause you to keep on coming in and out of the hospital.

The following are the most important things to know before coming to the Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital. First, you should understand well the admission letter sent to you by the hospital. In this letter, you can see the scheduled date of your admission. Upon receiving the letter, you should call the Booking Office of the hospital 14 days prior to the scheduled date to confirm your admission. In case of unavoidable circumstances that you could not possibly attend the scheduled day, inform the Booking Office and ask for a new schedule.

Aside from bringing your personal things on your admission day, you should also bring with you the admission letter, your current medication or previous medical results like X-rays if you think necessary, and your complete medical insurance details like Medicare.

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The Eye Hospital Sydney conducts guided tours on the historical places of the Sydney Hospital during weekdays for approximately one hour every tour. Historical tours cost $10 per person, museum tours cost $6 person, and combine historical and museum tours cost $14 per person. Funds collected on these tours will be used to buy medical facilities for the use of the patients and for the maintenance of the museums.

Tourists will be able to learn the historical value and historical events of the Sydney Hospital, the pioneer hospital of Australia. In the historical tours, the tourists will be able to visit Macquarie Street building, the Nightingale Wing and the Clinical Services Building. The tourists will also be able to see the St. Luke Chapel, the Il Porcellino sculpture at the entrance of the hospital and The Robert Brough Memorial Fountain. The tour will begin at the magnificent Hospital Boardroom.

The museum tours, the tourist will be to walk back and experience the life in Sydney Hospital from the 18th century onwards through the historical artifacts and photographs displayed in the Nightingale Foundation Museum.

Booking a tour is much recommended to organize and plan well your visit in the Sydney Hospital. For more information about booking a tour, call the Sydney Hospital and arrange with them your desired time to tour.

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The existence of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation is always associated with the existence of the Sydney Eye Hospital which was founded way back 1882. The Sydney Eye Hospital was formerly called the ophthalmic department of the Sydney Hospital (Sydney Infirmary before). The Sydney Eye Hospital (known as the Ophthalmic Department of Sydney Hospital) was moved to the Miller’s Point (The Rocks). The Ophthalmic Department was then again relocated to the Woolloomooloo. In 1960, the Ophthalmic Department had been extensively known as Sydney Eye Hospital.

The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation had a major role in the development and relocation of the Sydney Eye Hospital to its new Clinical Services Building on 1995. Its relocation brought the reunification of the two historical hospitals. And it was finally renamed into ‘Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital’. The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation shared $3 million worth of funds to the cost of the construction of the new building. Aside from helping the Sydney Eye Hospital to its transfer to the new Clinical Services Building, the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation provided funds for purchase of sophisticated hospital facilities. The Foundation also funded various research and medical studies on the prevention of blindness. The Foundation brings a lot of good benefits to the Sydney Eye Hospital.