Fellowships are a great way for individuals interested or experienced in medicine to complete research. One of the greatest benefits of fellowships is the support you will receive. This means, individuals who are successful applicants of fellowships will receive support through training, education, mentoring and financial assistance. In return of the support you will receive, individuals will invest their time and knowledge in research to find cures, preventions and further the current knowledge in eye care.

The areas of specialty in which the fellowships are offered also vary and there are also requirements and qualifications for those attending these fellowships. Twelve months fellowships are offered in this following area: retinal fellowships. This area is divided into two parts one known as Graham Lovett Vitreoretinal fellowship taking place from January to December.

The second fellowship offered is known as Dr Eddy Donaldson vitreoretinal fellowship which takes place from July to June. Other fellowships include: corneal fellowship, glaucoma fellowship, oculoplastic fellowship, professorial fellowship, and intraocular fellowship. People attending these eye fellowships need to be qualified ophthalmologists and have strong comprehension in English.

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