Most computer users are familiar with using the Google search engine for basic internet searches, but did you know that Google can also be used to find photographs of just about anything you can imagine? Google Images is a sub site of Google that only performs a search for images or photographs. For example, if you were looking for a picture of a frog, simply type in frog in the Google Images search bar, and millions of pictures of frogs will appear. Once you find the frog image that you want, you can either go to the original web page that posted the frog image, or simply see the frog on its own as its own page.

One group of computer users that can really benefit from Google Images are parents and kids. If you are trying to explain a difficult concept to your child, sometimes showing them an image of that topic can really go a lot further than your difficult explanations. If a child is going through a phase where they are extremely interested in trains, dinosaurs, or princesses, a Google image search can provide an endless supply of images or these obsessions. As your child learns more and more about dinosaurs, you can provide them with more and more images of those specifics.