Fred Hollows was a popular ophthalmologist from Sydney; he was born in the year 1929. He studied medicine and later specialized in ophthalmology and via this knowledge he restored the sight of many Australian citizens. He fought for the reduction of costs in the eye care and treatment; he also improved the health of indigenous Australians. The Fred Hollows foundation was established in 1992 just a few months before his death. The main aim of the foundation was to continue with the work Fred started in Australia and other countries like Eritrea and Vietnam which is to prevent blindness and to improve eye health.

Some of the foundation’s achievements include: establishment of IOL laboratory in Asmara and the introduction of modern cataracts surgery in Eritrea. They have also ensured that eye health care is prioritized in countries such as Eritrea. By manufacturing less expensive lens, the Foundation has increased its local and export sales. The Fred Hollows IOL laboratory have continued to provide eye care services at a low cost all over the world and has now become a self -sponsored centre. The foundation has managed to reduce the cost of cataracts surgery in various developing countries.

In the recent years Fred Hollows foundation has promoted and supported eye health care training in eye care services, program management, maintenance of equipment’s, small incision surgery of diseases like cataracts surgery and training of ophthalmic nurses. Through the self-sponsored workshops the foundation has been able to complete the national five year strategic plan for eye care. The plan consists of the framework that entails the Australian eye care needs and methods of supporting the health system of the national public.
Fred Hollows foundation has also been involved in supporting eye health care centres around the world by funding and also donating equipment’s. The foundation has been able to maintain its aim and also achieve its goals.