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The Sydney Eye Hospital address can be easily located and immediately reached through different means of transportation. You can reach the hospital by train, by bus, by ferries or by bringing your own ride. Its exact address is at 8 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000. The Martin Place Station and the Saint James station can be best use landmarks to easily locate the hospital. The Martin Place Station is just the opposite of Sydney Eye Hospital and Saint James station is the last part of the Macquarie Street.

When you have already found the Sydney Hospital, the Sydney Eye Hospital is situated on the ground floor of the Central Block, near the Pharmacy. For easier access on the location, you may call the info line of Sydney to get more information about the government transportations, ferries and trains all around Sydney. You may also refer to the Google map through the internet to easily visualize the streets you may possibly go through, especially if you are planning to reach the hospital with your own ride. There is an available parking station for rent just near the entrance along the Hospital Road. There is also a limited parking space for emergency parking and patient set-down and pick-up just along the Hospital Road too.

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