Continuous advancements in technology have brought significant improvements of the Australian eye health campaign. Over the recent years, specialists from well-known institutions have made remarkable discoveries on various eye conditions accompanied by their treatments as well as preventions. The most involved specialist in the Australian eye health campaign is the Ophthalmologist.

Categorically, an Ophthalmologist is a medical practitioner concerned with the general eye health. The medically trained doctor can present him or herself as an eye surgeon as well as an eye physician. Generally, the specialist has the capacity of examining, diagnosing, and administration of eye treatment in the event of eye disease and/or injuries to the eye/ eyes. Currently, Ophthalmologists are the most recognized eye specialists across Australia.

Most individuals may wonder whether or not if optometrists based in Australia can become Ophthalmologist. Well, the distinction between the two eye specialists is based on the level of education. Ideally, Ophthalmologists are highly educated as compared to optometrists. Ophthalmologists in Australia are required to undertake an extensive medical training before they can be fully certified to serve the public.

The basic medical training involves the following: four years’ training at the college level; four years’ training at a well-established medical school; a year internship in a well-established medical institution; and a minimum of three years’ hospital-oriented training on eye health.
The immediate eye specialist one is advised to consult in Australia is the Ophthalmologist. Basically, Ophthalmologists have extensive knowledge and experience on varied eye conditions as compared to optometrists. In addition, Ophthalmologists have the capacity of establishing the eye condition and carry out the necessary surgery required on top of the basic treatment. Some Australians may claim that it is difficult to locate genuine and certified Ophthalmologists. On the contrary, you can simply access the best Ophthalmologists through eye canters, such as the Sydney Eye hospital.

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