An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who mainly specializes in both medical and surgical care of the eye and the visual system. Their field is under a branch of medicine known as ophthalmology which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.
They are either medicine doctors or osteopathy doctors. In order for them to get certified to practice in their specific states they should have the following qualifications: four years training in health school, one year of internship, a three years residency and one to two years fellowship which is optional. Before they enter into a training college they must meet the entry criteria and also must perform extensive and intensive medical and surgical examinations.

Here are a few factors individuals should consider when choosing an ophthalmologist: qualifications- patients should ensure that the doctor has the required credentials and has been certified to perform eye treatment and procedures. They should have their licenses and certificates placed at an area that is visible to all; this will help patients select the appropriate doctor. Experience is the second factor to consider, mainly doctors with more experience are able to detect and diagnose eye diseases better since they have come into contact with more patients who have various eye diseases.

At Sydney Eye hospital you will meet certified ophthalmologists. The hospital’s team of eye specialists is highly trained and experienced. Here are the major services which an ophthalmologist at Sydney Eye Hospital will offer you. Diagnosis of eye infections, injuries and diseases; the ophthalmologist will diagnose the patient’s cornea for any internal infections/ injuries as well as the external region of the eye to establish the presence of any external eye diseases, including conjunctiva, droopy eyelids and sclera.

The diagnosis will be used by the specialist to determine the depth of the eye infection/ injury or eye disease. Afterwards a prognosis will be established to determine the nature of treatment to be used.

Depending on the nature of the eye disease, an ophthalmologist Sydney will prescribe the correct medication and eye ophthalmologic surgery if necessary. Some treatment options used in big eye foundations, such as the Sydney Eye Hospital includes: cryotherapy and laser therapy; while surgical procedures include: eye socket refurbishment; renovation of tear vessel malfunction; and eye abstraction.

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