Australia has over the years produced some of the world’s best eye specialists. Fred Hollows is one of such individuals. Hollows was a well-established ophthalmologist who was born on 9th April, 1929 and died on 10th February, 1993. The doctor’s amazing work was evident. Throughout his career, he was able to help a large number of Australians citizens to regain their abilities to see properly. His work was also evident internationally. He did not only change the lives of many, but also inspired many people to seek for advance medical check-ups on their eyes.

Professionally, Fred Hollows was a legend. He accomplished various things that most individuals may find impossible to achieve. He was a man of his work, his thoughts and ideas were always placed on the table for others to benefit from. The following are some of the best achievements of his life. He medically led the launching of the modern cataract surgery; the surgery has over the years helped so many people overcome eye problems as well as managing some of the worst eye conditions associated with cataracts.

The doctor ensured that the existence of his legacy never died with him. He accomplished this by launching the Fred Hollows Foundation some time prior to his death. His wife, Gabi Hollows was a key figure in the establishment of the foundation. The Hollows foundation was established with the main purpose of combating eye problems.

Fred’s main objective of developing the foundation has been realized at a greater percentage. Statistically, the foundation has been able to aid more than a million individuals regain their ability to see effectively.
Apart from the launching of the Fred Hollows foundation, Hollows had accomplished the following: he had the honour of attaining the Rotary Award for World Understanding; and he was recognized as the most successful person in the year 1990 due to his excellent work, the work which was recognized both nationally and internationally.