An eye infection is an eye disease that is caused by bacterial, fungal or viral agents that affect either the eye or the eye tissues that surround the eye. There are different types of Eye infections and they can affect one eye or both, they involve symptoms such as irritation, swelling, pain, reduced vision, red eye and discharge which may lead to the eyelids and lashes getting stuck together. Eye infections have the same symptoms but they differ in treatment and causes. Their treatments depend on the cause of the infection and may involve use of eye drops, antibiotics or creams.

Common Eye infections include: pink eye, trachoma and blepharitis, they are caused either by a bacteria, virus or fungi. Other causes are decrease in oxygen that reaches the cornea especially in individuals who wear contact lenses. Eye contaminations can also be caused via sharing of various items like; cosmetics such as eye make-up, towels, pillows and also rubbing the eyes after touching an object that has been used by an infected individual.

There are various factors that can lead to an eye infection and they include: allergies that cause eye inflammation, eye irritation, and prolonged use of unclean contact lenses, common cold infection and sharing of items. In order to avoid these infections individuals should avoid sharing cosmetics, cleaning contact lenses before use, avoid rubbing the eyes, washing of hands and not sharing items like towels.

Eye infections are contagious hence treatment should be consulted from an eye doctor in order for an individual to also learn on ways of preventing infections. Eye infections caused by a virus are treated via use of topical antiviral therapy and the other infections are treated via use of cream, antibiotics, eye drops or compresses. Eye drops are used to soothe the eyes and also to relieve symptoms while compresses are applied along the eyelids in order to clear crusts at the eyelids margin and to also soothe itching or swelling.

An eye infection which is left untreated can lead to very serious complications like corneal damage, orbital cellulitis, spread of infection and even total blindness.

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