Statistics show that a big number of people experience eye disorders Australia. Most of the recorded cases are attributed to external factors. The commonest factors that result into undesirable eye conditions include: genetic eye illnesses; bacterial and fungi infections. The three factors are all very unique. However, bacterial and fungi eye infections are obtained physically via exposure to items or objects composed of such causes. Other primary causes of eye illnesses include: critical smoking; diminished levels of calcium in the body; high levels of dehydration; glass blowers; congenital; lens injuries; adverse effects of diabetes; ageing; and so on.

Primarily, the two commonest eye disorders consist of: shortsightedness and longsightedness. These two are treated by corrective lenses. Apart from the two, there exist a large number of minor and serious eye diseases which affect the various structures of the eye (cornea, pupil, macular, eyelids, retina, iris, and so on). The most recorded eye conditions constitute the following: cataracts; glaucoma; retinal detachment; strabismus; dry eye; diabetic retinopathy; uveitis; sty; amblyopia; ptosis; conjunctivitis/ pink eye, common in children; orbital cellulitis; astigmatism; corneal disease; and optic neuritis. All the mentioned eye illnesses manifest themselves in different degrees.

You can establish whether you are experiencing eye problems or not by looking out for the following eye disorders symptoms: the iris changing colour; unusual discharge from the eye; persistent double visions; light flashes; black spots; eye straining accompanied by eye pain; distorted vision; exterior vision shortage; swollen eyelids; itchy red eyes; slow adjustment to darker environments; continuous change of eyeglasses lenses; diminished colour sensitivity; occasional trauma; flashes and floaters; puffy eyes; blurred vision; prolonged effects of diabetes; foreign objects in the eye; headache nausea; partial blindness; ocular contusion injury; arthritis; adverse effects of TB and so on.

The various eye disorders are treated separately. Some of them do require sophisticated treatments which consist of surgeries. Cataracts are treated through surgery; the surgery involves the amputation of the opaque lens which is replaced with artificial lens implant. On the other hand, retinal detachment is also treated by a surgical operation. Other eye illnesses are treated through surgeries, medical prescriptions or both.