Eye diseases have recently been on the rise. Eye specialists in Australia are facing new developments each day. At Sydney Eye Hospital, eye patients flock in every day seeking for treatments or check-ups. Nonetheless, the rising numbers of people attacked by eye disorders is mainly attributed to ignorance and denial. In some scenarios, poor hygiene is a major contributing factor towards eye infections and consequently leading to eye ailments.

The commonest eye diseases diagnosed at Sydney Eye Hospital and other major Eye foundations constitute the following. Glaucoma: this eye disease is described as an increase of pressure in a person’s eye. The disease exists in four different forms i.e. primary open-angle glaucoma; primary angle-closure glaucoma; secondary glaucoma; and infantile glaucoma. Common symptoms of glaucoma are: eye pain; limited vision; nausea; and experiences of visualizing floaters.

Cataract-among all the eye diseases, this one is among the top ones. The disease usually develops as a person grows older. The disease is mainly caused by changes in the chemical composition in human lenses. Its main symptoms are: poor colour sensitivity; diminished eye sight when exposed to bright environments and vice versa; occasional double vision; and repeated changing of eye glasses.

Retinal detachment-the condition is experienced when a small tear separates the retina from the back of the eye. The main causes of this condition include: physical eye injuries; complications during ophthalmologic surgeries; while aging and myopia. The disease main symptoms include: reduced eye sight; visual field vanishing in subdivisions; and occasional incidents of detached spots.

Dry eye-this condition is experienced when tear production reduces. Ideally, the tear gland produces the required moisture to wet the cornea, hence avoiding the dehydration of the eye surface. Dry eye usually suffers from poor functioning of the cornea. Naturally, the tear gland functionality is expected to reduce significantly with age. Nonetheless, the condition can be curbed using isotonic simulated tears.

Macular degeneration-of all the eye diseases diagnosed today, this one is mainly caused by aging. The disorder is known to destroy the macular part of the eye. This destruction leads to poor vision when doing sensitive things, such as reading or driving.

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