Eye conditions are ailments that affect the eye either entirely or a specific part of the eye. Dry eye is a condition that affects the tear glands which produce tears in order to moisturize the cornea. The function of the tear gland decreases with the aging process. It produces symptoms known as Sjogren’s syndrome and they include; rheumatoid arthritis and dry mouth. Treatment is via use of isotonic artificial tears, the other method is by closing the lacimal puncti via use of the thermal cautery in order to prevent drainage of tears hence increased tear film moisturizes the ocular surface.

Strabismus is the other type of eye conditions which is characterized by misalignment which makes one eye to focus on the visual target that is one eye does the function of seeing while the other looks at a different direction. Strabismus may also occur due to high amounts of farsightedness, which causes one eye to turn inwards towards the nose.

Treatment does not involve medication only, treatment procedures should be involved in order to reinforce the vision pattern that is the following steps are followed; prescription of glasses, vision therapy and lastly stereopsis is developed.

Ocular herpes is a condition that is caused by a virus it is a leading cause of corneal blindness in Australia, it produces painful sores on the surface of the eye lid and if untreated the virus may multiply hence epithelial cells are destroyed. Stromal keratitis occurs when the condition is not treated and it is a severe condition that is hard to treat, it mainly leads to loss of vision or complete blindness.

Cataracts are eye conditions that are defined as a cloud at the eyes lens and leads to loss of vision, it commonly develops with aging and the other causes are; diabetes, eye injuries, exposure to ultraviolet rays and long term use of steroids. In Australia most patients with untreated cataract end up being blind, treatment is via removal that is surgery, after surgery eye drops are used to enhance the healing process. In conclusion most eye conditions can cause blindness if left untreated.