Reservist Medical Officer at Camp Bastion Hospital in Afghanistan
Creative Commons License photo credit: Defence ImagesIf you are suffering from eye-related emergencies, you may be wondering whether you should wait until you can get to your regular doctor for treatment, or visit the Sydney Eye Hospital Emergency Department as quickly as possible. A good rule of thumb to use as to whether a visit to the emergency department is necessary is to consider whether or not the condition will get worse if you leave it untreated for any length of time. For example, if a something gets stuck in your eye, and your eye is at risk of being scratched if it is not removed as soon as possible, you may want to get yourself to the emergency department. This is not referring to a common piece of dust or an eyelash, but more to a piece of metal or something sharp that could do lasting damage.

Other eye-related problems include one eye that suddenly goes dark, like a curtain in coming down over the eye itself. Remember that in the case of an emergency, a triage nurse will see you when you get to the emergency department, and patients will be treated as to the seriousness of the injury, not according to their arrival time to the hospital.