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The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation offers different specialties in eye fellowships. Some of the eye fellowships offered the Retinal Fellowship, Corneal Fellowship, Glaucoma Fellowship, Ocuplastic Fellowship, Intraocular Implant Fellowship, and Professorial Fellowship which covers another number of specialty areas. The period of time for these Sydney Eye Hospital fellowships takes one year which may vary upon the applicant’s time of completing their documentation. Most times, acquiring all approvals may take 8 months.

This fellowship program aims to assist and help the fellow eye doctor to expand and grow his experience, knowledge and skills in surgery, researching and teaching in that particular specialty. The fellow may be taught in formal and informal methods. They may be observed and supervised on group interactions, surgical proceedings and hands on skills.

To qualify in this fellowship program, an applicant must be an eligible ophthalmologist having been passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Examination with an average score of 7.0 or above in each of the four components. This IELTS eligibility is a mandatory requirement to be able to apply for fellowships. You may refer in the Medical Board of Australia for additional information. Performance of the participant is observed for possible appraisal or termination of the fellowship.

The fellowships are unpaid or honorary positions in the Hospital. The Foundation itself gives honorarium and not the hospital. The annual salary may take $47,000 plus additional allowance of S1,000 for miscellaneous expenses like registrations. These amounts are subject to tax. Sponsoring fellowships may depend on the availability of placement funds of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

Express your desire in an eye fellowship program. Search out more information regarding the particular fellowship of your interest by contacting the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.
The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation does not only benefit the hospital but it also gives opportunities to aspiring medical practitioners who want to expand their knowledge in their chosen field.

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