Eye Disorders cause eye discomfort, poor vision and others may lead to total blindness. Such disorders include: Age related macular degeneration-it is the deterioration of the macula which is the centre of the retina that allows the eye to view fine details in an object. This type of disorder leads to lose of the central and sharp vision. The disorder is classified into two categories i.e. the wet form which is described by blood and fluid leakage; this occurs when abnormal blood vessels that are located behind the retina grow below the macula and the dry form which develops when the macula thins during the aging process.

Cataracts-it is an eye disorder that causes clouding on the eye lens making it not to transmit light properly. The disorder is known to be a silent killer of vision, since it develops slowly and can lead to total blindness if not treated early. Conjunctivitis also referred to as the pink eye-is the swelling of the conjunctiva blood vessels. The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that covers the inner surface of the eye and eyelids. This condition is characterized into three types depending on its cause and they include bacterial, viral and allergic conjunctivitis.

Diabetic retinopathy-it is among the Eye Disorders that affect the retina. This condition damages the retina’s blood vessels and the light sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye which promotes good vision. It is a common eye problem in diabetic patients and also the leading cause of blindness. Strabismus-also referred to as a crossed eye is an eye problem that involves the position imbalance of both eyes. The condition causes either esotropia that is crossing in of the eyes or exotropia that is turning out of the eyes. Other common Eye Disorders include: glaucoma, amblyopia, refractive errors and uveitis.

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