2008.11.25 - The physician
Creative Commons License photo credit: a.drianWhen you visit the emergency department of a hospital, you may see a variety of clinical staff. This includes your initial visit with the triage nurse to assess the severity of the condition. It can also include a nurse practitioner, who can help treat patients that are waiting in the emergency department by determining whether they could be treated better or quicker in a different part of the hospital. The nurse practitioner may be able to even treat a patient immediately after a quick examination.

Once you have been called for treatment in the emergency department, other clinical staff will see you including doctors and another set of nurses. In the event that you need x-rays completed, the x-rays could be completed by another set of nurses and doctors. Many emergency room visits can be followed up by your traditional local doctor instead of through a repeat visit to the emergency department of the hospital.

While you may feel like this means a lot of unfamiliar clinical staff treating your during a visit to the emergency department, this method means that the most specialized clinical staff will be treating you at all times. This staff knows how to do their job well, even in the case of an emergency.