Cataract is an eye disease that is defined as a clouding at the eye lens. The eye lens main function is to allow light to pass through to the back of the eye in order for a person to view images clearly. It may affect either one or both eyes. The lens develops Cataracts when there is a build-up of proteins around it. The build-up prevents the formation of new cells hence older cells are packed together at the centre of the lens which leads to the development of cataract.

There are various forms of cataracts and they include the following: age related Cataract, which is the commonest one. The main cause of age related cataract is aging, but it is treatable. The other type of cataract is congenital cataract also referred to as juvenile cataract; individuals with this type of cataract are known to have been born with it or it develops after birth; the disorder may also develop due to eye injury, poor eye development and eye infection.

Traumatic cataract is the form that occurs after an eye injury. Lastly, there exits the secondary Cataracts that develops when people are exposed to toxic materials, ultra violet rays or due to medical conditions such as diabetes. Individuals who develop Cataracts portray the following signs and symptoms. Blurred vision, double vision, change in glass prescription, glare problems at night, change in how you view colours and progressive near-sightedness.

The main treatment of cataracts is surgery, but it can also be managed via medication and eye glasses. In order to prevent your eyes from developing Cataracts, you should avoid obtaining certain diseases and exposure to factors that may lead to the development of such diseases. Diabetic patients should maintain their blood sugar levels, since diabetes can lead to cataract. Consume a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. Lastly wear sunglasses in order to prevent your eyes from ultra violet rays.

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