It is a good idea if you are going to take a tour in the Sydney Eye hospital because by just booking a tour in this hospital, you are helping those in need for the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation.

With the Sydney Eye Hospital’s Historical places, it has become a captivating place for people who want to tour such a place. You can choose between their historical tour and their museum tour, or you can have both. For just a small amount, they offer a tour that last up to two and a half hours when you sign up for both tours. They also offer morning or afternoon tea break for their visitors so you can have a relaxing moment while appreciating the atmosphere of the place.

The tour will start with group of eight up to twenty five persons. You should choose what place to visit, either historical tour or museum tour, or you can have them both. There are different places for viewing inside the historical tour and museum tour, and there are particular rates applied for both tours and it depends on your choice.

All proceeds from the tour will be used for buying new medical equipment and for the maintenance of the museum. The beneficiaries of this Sydney Eye hospital Foundation are the patients and the visitors.