Ophthalmology is a branch in medicine that involves the study of the anatomy, physiology and diseases affecting the visual system. People who specialize in this field of medicine are known as ophthalmologists, they are both surgical and medical experts. They undergo training that authorizes them to provide all eye care services including prescription of eye glasses and eye surgery.

They are also involved in national scientific research concerning various eye conditions. The field of Ophthalmology also allows its trainees to undertake a subspecialty. They can specialize in a specific area of medical or surgical care of a certain condition; for example, one can specialize in cataracts surgery. Other areas of specialization in this field include: glaucoma, paediatrics, retina and plastic surgery.
Eye doctors who undertake Ophthalmology get to enjoy various benefits such as job opportunities, a higher income and an appropriate working environment. Most eye health care centres encourage their ophthalmologists to advance in other eye care fields and they cater for their advanced training. Ophthalmologists who complete their sub-specialization courses are more likely to get promoted and also obtain a pay rise.

Ophthalmologists get to undertake different tasks in different areas of eye care health such as neuro-Ophthalmology or ocular oncology. Undertaking many tasks allows individuals to make an informed decision on the area they wish to specialize in.

People who specialize in Ophthalmology get a variety of working environment choices; for instance, they can opt to work either in a public centre or join the private sector. Both sectors have their own advantages that are working as a private doctor enables you to carry out duties i.e. administrative tasks. While working with a team of eye doctors will help you obtain backup in the line of work hence you can go for vacations. Lastly ophthalmologists get to enjoy a greater pay unlike other eye doctors.

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